Email events and what they mean

As emails are sent from rpms we try to keep track of where they are going and what is happening with them. 

If you navigate to the Email sent query available from the Admin & Contacts menu option, you can enable the Email events fields:

  • Last Event - the last Email event that was received for a specific Email (See list below for a description of what the various events mean.
  • Last Event Time - the time that the last Email event was received

You can also click on the View Email tracking events icon on any specific Email to view all events that was received for that Email.

Here's the email events that you see for an rpms email and what they mean.


There are a number of reasons your email will not even be sent to a recipient for delivery. This event informs you when an email has been dropped. Further, it provides a reason for the drop, such as if we’ve found spam content or we see the recipient has unsubscribed previously. This can also occur if an email has bounced multiple times or is invalid.


When an email cannot immediately be delivered to its recipient, but it hasn’t been completely rejected, the deferred event fires. Sometimes called a soft bounce, We will continue to try for 72 hours to deliver a deferred message.


If a server cannot or will not deliver a message, a bounce event will trigger. Bounces often are caused by outdated or incorrectly entered email addresses. Many times you won’t know a bounced email address until it bounces. This event can help you ensure it doesn’t bounce again by removing it from your lists or updating the email address.


When an email has been accepted at the receiving server, the delivered event fires. This event does not guarantee that the email was placed in the recipient’s inbox. In fact, a delivered email is only the beginning of an opaque process.


An opened email is the first step toward the action you want your recipient to take. This event fires every time the email is viewed with images turned on (An invisible image is added to the email to track opens). This beacon is currently the only way a sender can tell if an email has been opened.


Email was not sent from RPMS due to a problem with the actual Email such as No Email Address or a System Problem of some sorts.

Hopefully these events can give you some insight into what is happening with your emails, whose email addresses you need to update and which tenants are possibly lying to you about not receiving that last default mail ;)

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