rpmsOnline Video Training

We are creating a complete rpmsOnline video training course. The advantage of the video training material is that you can watch the videos at your own pace while practicing what you have learned on the Sandbox environment. In this way we hope to avoid the typical information over load associated with software training. Click on the links below to navigate to the YouTube video and remember to adjust your viewer resolution to 720p for the best viewing experience.

Management Training

  1. Setting up Company Defaults
  2. Setting up Users and User Profiles

General System Training

  1. Navigation in RPMS
  2. Properties in RPMS
  3. Mandates in RPMS
  4. Applications in RPMS
  5. Leases in RPMS
  6. Emails in RPMS
  7. Exits in RPMS
  8. Renewals in RPMS

Accounts Related Training

  1. Account Setup
  2. Opening Balances
  3. Billing Operations (Manual)
  4. Municipal Accounts
  5. Body Corporate Accounts
  6. Maintenance Accounts
  7. Beneficiaries
  8. Payment Processing (Part 1)
  9. Payment Processing (Part 2)
  10. Account Reminders and Default Management
  11. Deposit Refund
  12. Trust Account Reconciliation
  13. Investment and Deposit Account Reconciliation

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