New Features - 11 September 2017

What we have done to migrate the current User Logins and Permissions:

  • Old Partner Logins - these will no longer work. We have identified the Managers and have changed their Rental Admin user access levels to MANAGER. They will now be able to see the Management menu from within their Rental Admin Login and they will be in a position to create New Users (also additional Managers if required) and to Change the permissions of current users,
  • Old Rental Administrator Logins - these will no longer work. You can use the Reset Password Link in this Email to reset your password and then login with your new password. We have setup your permissions to ensure that you will probably have access to all the features that you currently have access to.
  • Old Agent Logins - these will no longer work. The Manager user will have to send Reset Password Emails from the Users / Profile query in order for the Agents to reset their passwords.
  • Old Landlord and Tenant Logins - these will no longer work. You will have to Register External users on the system and then follow  a process to send them an activation Email from where they can choose a Password and then login. We will be publishing an article on this process during the course of the month.

Important changes in this release:

  • Single User Login - with affect from this release we support a single user login with access level and various user permissions.  If you have a Manager access Level and you have permission to create / edit users, you will have access to the Users / Profiles query available from the Management menu. What this means is that there is no separate Management and Agent views any more, just Administrators with Access Levels and Permissions. Please read the following article - Managing Users in rpmsOnline.
  • Redesigned User Interface and Menu structure - the Menu Structure and user interface have been simplified in order to remove duplication and make it easier to find features. The new interface also provides for extensive filtering and advanced search capabilities. Please read the article - Navigation in rpmsOnline.
  • Banking Dashboard - with effect from this release we only support OFX File and Template type Bank Imports in order to ensure a much more secure and tamper prove Banking Interface. The Banking Import process also now allow you to view the actual bank transactions on the statement after the upload process. The system will run a duplicate check for you, but you will still have the option to override the Import / Dont Import suggestion should there be a valid duplicate transaction. Please read the following article - The Banking Dashboard.
  • Management of Beneficiaries Changes - with effect from this release we have implemented an authorisation step for all New Bank Account Detail loaded as well as any changes to any Bank Account detail. The associated beneficiary will be sent to an Authorisation query where an Administrator with rights to authorise Beneficiary Changes will have to authorise the change before any payment allocations can be made to that Beneficiary. Please read the following article - Beneficiaries.
  • Landlord and Tenant logins - with effect from this release we do not support separate logins any more for Landlords and Tenants. Provision has been made for the registration of External Users. Properties and Leases can be linked to external users and they will then have access to the External User view form where they can view related information. We will be publishing an article on this process during the course of the month.
  • New Email service provider ( - we have implemented an interface to a new  Email service provider that would greatly improve performance and Email deliverability as well as our capability to trace and report on the delivery trail of Emails.
  • No more support logging via the system - with effect from this release we have not more Support Logging via the system. Support Logging are now integrated with the New Integrated rpmsOnline Knowledge Base ( Detail on this is also discussed in the article on Navigation.
  • Discontinue Inspections - we have disabled the rpmsOnline Inspections and Inspections App feature and have implemented a life integration to RedRabbit (, South Africa's number one Inspection and Maintenance Management solution. You will still be able to view your old Inspection History in rpmsOnline.
  • TPN Interface on HOLD - we have found that the current TPN interface is extremely complex and difficult to use due to various constraints imposed by the available TPN application programming interface. These constraints may cause duplication and rework on the TPN portal and we have therefor decided to put this interface on hold until further notice. We will investigate the current constraints and advise if and when this interface will be re-commissioned.

Major New Features:

  • New Stats Dashboard - we have implemented a new Stats Dashboard for Managers and Rental Administrators with a real time update feature and instant access to some of the Stats queries.
  • Credit Bank Transaction Remittance Import - with effect from this release you can now map a Credit Bank Transaction to more than one Lease Account in order to deal with Bulk Payments received from a landlord or a Debit Order Service Provider for multiple Accounts. Please read the article - The Banking Dashboard.
  • Support for two additional Categories (Electricity and water) - In order to deal more effectively with situations where there are multiple service provider accounts for a Property we have introduced two new Categories (Electricity and Water). You can now decide what combination of Municipal, Body Corporate, Electricity and Water you want to use to manage the utility accounts for a Property. Please read the article - Loading Mandates.
  • Commercial Billing (VAT on rent for Commercial Properties) - effective from this release, you will be able to charge VAT on RENT for commercial Properties. This opens up the possibility to use rpmsOnline for Residential and Commercial Letting Management. Please read the article - Commercial Letting (VAT on RENT).
  • Deposit Recon Dashboard - we have introduced a new Investment Account Recon Dashboard that will assist you to reconcile your Investment Account in rpmsOnline with your actual Investment Account Statement and the individual Tenant Deposit Account Transactions. Please read the article - The Investment Account.
  • Custom Bulk Billing - with effect from this release you can setup a Custom Bulk Billing transaction for a Bulk Billing batch. This can amongst others be used to bill Interest or Penalties to Tenant Accounts. Please read the article - Custom Transaction Billing.
  • Rent Alert and Age features - to make it easier to identify problem tenants, we have introduced a Rent Alert feature that will provide an alert when the Outstanding Rent Balance is larger than one month's rent as per the Lease Agreement. In addition we have implemented a feature to calculate the amount of Rent that was paid in a configurable age window. Please read the article - Account Balances and Reminders.
  • New integrated Knowledge Base for Help - getting the help and assistance you need was never easier than with the new integrated Help Beacon and the new rpmsOnline knowledge base. You will also use the Help Beacon to log calls for additional assistance. Please read the article on Navigation.

Smaller Features and Change Requests

There are two many to mention in detail the amount of small improvements, change requests and suggestions and optimisation that was done to improve performance and security. We have another maintenance release planned for before the end of the year, so if your feature request did not make it this time round, it might well be scheduled for the next maintenance release.

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