The Property Dashboard

The Property Dashboard displays all new Properties and Properties with a current Mandate. The Property Dashboard can be used to access Property Detail, Mandate Detail, Application Detail, Lease Detail, Account Detail, Exit Detail, Default Detail, Inspection History and Contact Detail for a selected Property. 

How to open various View / Edit forms from the Property Dashboard

  1. Seach for the Property you're looking for using the Filters at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Use the Go To Options drop down menu on the Property record to select the entity you are looking for.
  3. When there are more than one instance of the entity associated with the Property, you will be asked to select the specific instance you would like to View / Edit. For example when there are multiple Leases associated with a specific Property, a list of all Leases for the Property will be displayed from where you can select the specific Lease you would like to View / Edit.
  4. The entity form / dashboard will be displayed.

The Property Status Field

The Property Status field on the Property dashboard is used to give an indication of what is happening on the Property from a Rental Life Cycle perspective. The following status options will be set automatically by rpmsOnline:

  • New - when a New Property has been loaded
  • Marketing WIP - when a Mandate has been loaded or when there is no Current Lease and active marketing is taking place. The property is on the Properties TO LET dashboard.
  • Application Approved - when an Application has been approved
  • Rented - when the Lease Start date has been reached for a Managed lease
  • Rented (Procurement Only) - when the Lease Start date has been reached for a Procurement Only lease
  • Renewal Confirmed - when a Renewal has been Confirmed or Completed for the Property
  • Notice Given plus Reason - when a Tenant has given notice and the Exit process has been initiated. The Exit Ticket type is appended to show the Reason for example End of Lease, Early Termination, Property Sold, etc.
  • Vacant - when there is no Current Lease and also no active marketing taking place on a Property.

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