Loading and Managing Landlords

Landlords in rpmsOnline are linked to Mandates. A Landlord can be linked to more than one Mandate. Landlords are created or selected from within the Mandate Landlords Tab. Any number of Landlords can be linked to a Mandate. 

When you select to load a New Landlord a form will be displayed. The first field you need to select is the Landlord Type from the drop down.

Provision has been made for the following types of Landlords:

Juristic Landlord - This would be applicable when the property is owned by a juristic entity such as a Company or a Trust.

Representative Landlord - You will be required to load a Representative Landlord in addition to any Juristic Landlord. This would be the Landlord representing the juristic entity and with whom you will be communicating.

Individual Landlord - This would be applicable when the property is owned by an individual or group of individuals. 

Depending on the type selected, the relevant form will be displayed to capture the details.  See examples of the forms shown below.

Juristic Landlord Form Example

Individual / Representative Landlord Form Example

Important Notes

Mobile Number formatting - Please ensure that you use the formatting as indicated above (drop the zero and add 27 in front of the number).

Secondary Email - You can enter more than one secondary Email address by using the " ; " character between the addresses. These addresses will be included in the CC field when sending Emails to the Landlord.

Salutation Information - The system will use the information supplied to auto compile salutation information to be used when sending Emails to Landlords. The compilation rules works as follows:

  • Juristic and Representative Landlord with Title defined  and Initials defined

[Business Name] ( Att. [Title] [Initials] [Last Name])

  • Juristic and Representative Landlord with Title Undefined and Initials defined

[Business Name] ( Att. [Initials] [Last Name])

  • Juristic and Representative Landlord with Title Undefined and Initials Undefined

[Business Name] ( Att. [First Name] [Last Name])

  • Individual Landlord / s

[First Name][Last Name]

The salutation information is shown on the Lease form in the Landlord Rep form where it can also be changed should the standard salutation not meet your needs. An example of this for instance would be where both individual Landlords would like to be included on the salutation used and not just the representative.

Landlord Account Information

When you create a Landlord you will be prompted to enter the Landlord Account information. If you skip this step you will have to go to the Landlord form afterwards and click on the Add Account Detail button to enter the account information. 

The system will automatically create a Beneficiary for the Landlord when the account detail is added. The system will automatically include the new Landlord Account on the Beneficiary Authorisation query and once authorised by a Manager with the appropriate permissions, the beneficiary can be used to make payments to.

When-ever account detail is changed, the beneficiary changes will have to be approved again before they will become available for payment purposes.

Master Landlord Queries

A complete list of all Landlords in the system can be viewed from the Admin and Contacts menu by clicking on the Landlords option. You can use this list to find and view / edit any Mandate Landlord on the system (see example below).

On the query above:

  • To View / Edit a Landlord - click on the Edit Icon
  • To permanently delete a Landlord - click on the Delete icon (NB - you will not be able to recover the information once deleted)
  • To send a Template based Email to a Landlord - click on the Email icon to select an Email template, view and edit the Email before sending.
  • To view a list of Lease landlords - click on the Current Lease Landlords button top left. This list can be used to find Landlords for a specific Property.
  • To send a Registration Link - select the option from the Tools drop down to XXXXX
  • To send a Bulk Template based email to a selection of Landlords - select the option from the Tools drop down
  • To link Landlord/s to a selection of Mandates - select the option from the Tools drop down

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