The Payment Approval Dashboard

This dashboard is used to review and approve Payment Splits before they are sent to the Bank Payment Schedule for Payment. The menu option is only available to administrators who have the permission enabled to approve payment splits.

  1. Navigate to the Account menu
  2. Select the Approve Payments menu option to open and display the Approval Dashboard (See example below)

The dashboard shows a list of Payment Splits that have been submitted for approval from the Payments to Allocate dashboard. The default Approval Status is Under Review.

The following features are available on each Record:

  1. View Allocations - use this option to view the Inidividual Payment Splits for a specific Payment Received as indicated on the example above.
  2. Approve Allocations - use the correction mark to Approve the Payment Split. The Review Status will change to Approved. To Un-approve the Payment Split, click on the Approve icon again.
  3. Reject Allocation - use this option to reject the Payment Split. it will be returned to the Payments to Allocate dashboard for correction.
  4. View Account Notes - use this option to view the current Account Notes.
  5. Go to the Account - use this option to navigate to the Lease Account.

Post Approved Splits

You can post the current Approved Splits at any time by clicking on the Post Approved Splits in Bulk Button at the top left of the Dashboard. This feature will send the Payment Splits to the Bank Payment Schedule for Payment on the Bank Portal.


Once you have posted your Payment Splits to the Bank Payment Schedule, it will be extremely difficult to reverse those Payments. Any such reverse operations will almost definitely require manual account corrections. It is therefor very important that the Approval Process is done correctly and with the necessary attention to detail.

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