Custom Transaction Billing

This feature allows the user to setup a Template for a custom billing transaction that can then be used to do a Bulk Billing of the Custom Transaction to a selection of Leases as part of a Batch Job. Examples of where this will be useful is Billing of Penalties and Interest to Tenant Accounts, Bulk Corrections where standard fixed amounts have been billed to Tenant Accounts, etc.

To open the Custom Billing Template query:

  1. Navigate to the Accounts menu
  2. Select the Bulk Billing and Statements option
  3. Select Bill Custom Transaction on the sub-menu to display the Custom Billing query (See example below)

On the query above:

  • Load Custom Transaction button - use this feature to create a new Custom Transaction template (See example below)
  • View Custom Transaction detail - click on this icon to view the detail of an Existing Custom Transaction template
  • Execute Custom Transaction - click on this icon to make a selection of Leases and to initiate a Bulk Process to create Transactions in accordance with the Custom Billing template.

Loading a New Custom Transaction Template

When you click on the Load Custom Transaction button, the Custom Transaction form will be displayed as shown in the example below. Complete the fields and click on the Create Button to create the Template. The status of the template on the query will be New. Once you are happy with the detail, click on the Approve icon to approve the Template for use.

On the form above the following Amount options are available:

  • Fixed Amount - use this option to bill a fixed amount to the Tenant Account.
  • % of Standard Rent - use this option to bill a % of the Standard Rent as per the Lease.
  • % of Tenant Rent Balance - use this option to bill a % of the Tenant Outstanding Rent Category Balance.
  • % of Tenant Balance - use this option to bill a % of the full outstanding Tenant Account Balance.

On the form above, if you tick the flag to Automatically send an updated statement to Tenant, fields will be displayed to specify the Subject and Body Text to be used for the Email as shown below. When executing the Custom Transaction, the system will then automatically compile an Email to the Tenant  and attach a statement showing the Custom Transaction. This Email will use the Subject and Template Body specified in the template.

Executing a Custom Transaction Template to Create Custom Transactions on Accounts

  1. On the Custom Transaction query click on the Execute Custom Transaction icon (Correction mark).
  2. Select the Leases to include in the Bulk Billing operation from the list displayed.
  3. The system will schedule a Bulk Batch process to execute the Billing in the next Batch process window.

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