Release Note - 21 January 2018

The minor release published on the weekend includes various bug fixes as well as the following new features:
  • Email Delivery Event Tracking - We have been testing this for the past few months and are now in a position to make it available as a feature. Essentially, we retrieve the delivery events from the Email service provider to whom Emails are sent and then make those delivery events available on the original Email. If you navigate to the Email Sent query from the Admin and Contacts menu option, you can enable two additional fields namely Last Event and Last Event Time. These fields will indicate whether an Email was in fact successfully delivered or not and also if it was opened by the recipient. There is also an option to view all tracking events for a specific Email. See also

Email Events Explained

  • Posting of Credit Bank Transactions moved to Back Ground process - Posting of large batches of credit bank transactions into the system is extremely process intensive and caused system user interface time-outs from time to time. In order to eliminate these issues, we have moved this process to a back ground process so that you can continue to use the system while it is processing your transactions. It should not take much longer than usual and you will be notified via Email when the Transactions are available on your Allocations Dashboard and ready for further processing. 
  • New Viewing Sheet Report on Mandate - We have updated and revamped this report. The Application Criteria section of the report can also now be customised by entering the Default Application Criteria text on the Company Settings form under the new Application Criteria tab.
  • New Application Screening Report on Application - We have updated and revamped this report (See example below).
  • New Lease Terms Addendum (PDF format) option - We now also provide a new PDF format of this report which you can select under the Default Lease Terms Settings panel on the Global Default Settings tab of the Company Details form. You can also specify the Lease Terms and Renewal Addendum titles here. Please note that we have kept the old MS Word format option as the default to allow you to experiment with the new format before switching it on. The new format also provides for Special Conditions taken from the Mandate, Application and Lease. On the mandate you can now specify Landlord Lease Terms Special Conditions under the General Info tab. On the Application form, you will find a Special Conditions tab where you can specify Tenant Special Conditions. When a new Lease is created, the Mandate and Application Special Condition Clauses are copied to a set of Lease Special Condition Clauses. These are displayed on the Lease Dashboard from where you can also add conditions or delete some of the conditions. The final set of Special Conditions on the Lease will then be included on the new PDF format Lease Terms Addendum.
  • New Renewal Terms Addendum (PDF format) option - We now also provide a new PDF format of this report. Please note that we have also kept the old MS Word format option as the default to allow you to experiment with the new format before switching it on. The final set of Special Conditions on the Lease will also be included on the new PDF format Renewal Terms Addendum.
  • Include Standard Lease Terms on Emails sent from Lease Dashboard - Provision has been made if you upload your Standard Lease Terms on  the Company Templates query available from the Management menu, to mark the template as the Standard Lease Terms for the Company. When you then send an Email from the Lease Document Repository, you will be asked if you want to include the Standard Lease Terms as well. This will allow you to send your Standard Lease Terms and Lease Addendum in the same Email without having to manually upload the Standard Terms.
  • Bulk Selection of Billing Day option now also includes an ALL Leases option - When changing the Billing Day for your Leases, we have now included an option to change the Billing Day on all Leases rather than a selection of Leases.

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